As we are one of the oldest Fuel Suppliers in the area you can be assured of an efficient, competitive delivery of:

Kerosene (Heating Oil)
Gas Oil (Red/Tractor Diesel)
Diesel (Road Fuel)
Petrol (Road Fuel)
Lubricating Oils (Engine, Transmission, Gear, Hydraulic Oils, Greases & Coolants)
Storage Tanks, Bunded Storage Tank or a Bunded Fuel Station
Coal, Phurnacite, Anthracite (Bulk, Bagged or Pre-Packed)

Your delivery is dispatched by one of our well-trained, highly-experienced drivers who have a good knowledge of the local area. We have a wide range of vehicle sizes to accommodate all requirements and offer payment schemes to suit your budget.

If you need a delivery of Fuel or Lubricating Oil you can place an order online or contact us to speak to one of our experienced members of staff. Alternatively if you require a tank and are unsure of your exact needs come and take a look at our large range of stock.

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